Version 6.0.1

The most advanced, powerful, innovative hardware
integration application available
for Apple iOS devices.


SwipeTrack Browser

The SwipeTrack iOS Browser is the only fully-featured iOS application built specifically for integration of commercial grade hardware (like the Linea Pro, Infinea Tab, P25i Bluetooth Printer, and CHS Bluetooth Handheld Scanners) into custom web applications.

The application works as a secure and stable “wrapper” for your web application, making your custom business application feel like a native iOS application. The SwipeTrack browser works by converting the “raw” barcode images and magnetic card data into easily readable data and then passing that data to your web application. The browser can also take “raw” html (including CSS styling) and convert it to a printable receipt for printers.

The SwipeTrack browser is built with businesses in mind. Used worldwide by distribution centers, museum collections, in-house ticketing applications, car rental agencies and large political campaigns, and non-profits (to name a few) the browser is packed with features that allow you to leverage the full power of hardware integration. Adding support to your web application is easy and if you ever run into any trouble our helpful support team is standing by to assist with any issues you may have.

Browser Highlights

Simple To Use API

Our easy to use and well documented Application Programming Interface (API) can get you smoothly integrated and up and running in no time. In fact, you can use our “direct method” scanning and scan barcodes directly into form fields of websites without any code integration at all. Using our application “callback,” your application can control specific features of the app, including setting the homepage, displaying and hiding the address and navigation bars, playing integrated sounds, and even firing the barcode scanning engine.

Advanced Hardware Support

With over 30 hardware integrations, the SwipeTrack Browser works in a variety of different environments.

Camera Scanning

Forgot your scanner in the warehouse but need to scan a barcode now? That’s not a problem with SwipeTrack’s built-in camera scanner. Using the devices on-board camera you can scan barcodes & credit cards the same way you would with your hardware based scanner. No need for extra code, the camera scanning feature uses the same code as the hardware scanners allowing for simple integration.

Robustly Tested

The SwipeTrack Browser (and white-label variations of it) is used worldwide in nearly every industry. With over 80,000 worldwide downloads, the application’s flexibility and advanced feature integration have allowed it to become the #1 hardware integration application in the Apple App Store.

Secure & Certified

The SwipeTrack browser has been rigorously tested by hundreds of companies worldwide and has undergone PCI testing within the scope of numerous applications. Our team is constantly monitoring any crash reports we receive and we proactively issue immediate updates to correct any problems. The last thing you need is your application crashing in the middle of a transaction, and we have gone to great lengths to insure that it will never happen.

Integration Support

Our knowledgeable support team is available to help you with any issues you encounter. Are we missing a feature you need? Let us know and we will gladly work it into our next release. We started out with a simple web-wrapper application and now we have a feature packed business hardware integration application, all thanks to feature requests from our customers.

Browser Capabilities

  • Direct Mode allows you to use your scanner on ANY web age
  • Delimiter support allows you to add separators after every scan when using Direct Mode
  • Full built-in browser with HTTPS and Secure Auth support and separate settings to hide the Address Bar and the Navigation Bar
  • AES and DUKPT Encrypted Magnetic Head Support
  • Every aspect of the app is customizable via Javascript callbacks
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates
  • Built-in Signature Capture
  • Embedded Error, Success, and Notification sounds for no-load notifications
  • Custom browser User Agent
  • Ability to fire scan laser through your web application
  • Ability to disable device sleep while app is open
  • Unique device ID passed with every Javascript call
  • Multi-scan enabled - Leave your laser on without pressing the button, allowing you to easily scan hundreds of barcodes
  • Ability to modify all settings including the home page, address bar and navigation bar, through web-applications
  • Ability to choose how long credentials are stored in a keychain and reset the application on sleep
  • Ability to launch app via link from outside the application
  • Support for 2D/QR barcode scanning through the built-in camera
  • Automatically detects credit card swipes and separates the data fields (Linea Pro & Infinea Tab only)
  • Setting to enable 2Amp charging on supported chargers
  • Automatic 2D Scanner Power Management allows you to keep the scanner engine on so there is no delay between scans

Simple API Integration

With our simple JavaScript API, you easily integrate our full-featured hardware scanners with your web application. Whenever a barcode scan, MSR swipe, or RFID read is initiated, the SwipeTrack Browser makes a Javascript call to your web application through the SwipeTrack Browser. You can also make calls to the SwipeTrack Browser and directly to the hardware using our Javascript API to do things such and enable/disable sound and firing the scan laser. You can view our API in more detail in our Developer Portal.

Supported Barcode Scanners & RFID Readers

  • Cognex Technologies
    • Barcode Scanner - MX1000
  • Griffin Technology
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Olli for iPad Mini
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Olli for iPhone
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Olli for iPod Touch
  • Honeywell Mobility
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - SL22 for iPod Touch
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - SL42 for iPhone 5/5S
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - SL42 for iPhone 6
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - SL62 for iPad Mini
  • Infinite Peripherals
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Linea Pro 4 for iPod 4th Gen
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Linea Pro 4 for iPhone 4/4S
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Linea Pro 5 for iPod 5th & 6th Gen
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Linea Pro 5 for iPhone 5/5S
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Linea Pro 6 for iPhone 6
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Infinea Tab 2 for iPad 2
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Infinea Tab 4 for iPad 4
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Infinea Tab M for iPad Air & Mini
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - Infinea Tab X for iPhone 5 & iPod 5th Gen
  • Socket Mobile
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - CHS Series 7
    • Barcode Scanner & MSR - CHS Series 8

Supported Printers

  • Apple
    • Printer - Any AirPrint Capable Printer
  • BlueBamboo
    • Printer - P25i
    • Printer - P25i-M
  • Infinite Peripherals
    • Printer - DPP-250 Mobile Printer
    • Printer - DPP-350 Mobile Printer
    • Printer - DPP-450 Mobile Printer
  • Star Micronics
    • Printer - SM-S220i Mobile Printer
    • Printer - SM-T300i Mobile Printer
    • Printer - SM-T400i Mobile Printer
    • Printer - TSP100 Receipt Printer
    • Printer - TSP650II Receipt Printer
    • Printer - TSP700II Receipt Printer
    • Printer - TSP800II Receipt Printer