Case Study
Blue Apron - Warehousing & Fulfillment


The Challenge

Blue Apron is a New York-based start-up that is changing the way people cook at home. Their weekly subscription service delivers everything you need to make fresh meals. They go shopping for our customers at wholesale, and deliver all the ingredients in exactly the right proportions, along with beautifully printed recipe cards. It's like having your own private chef-- discover new recipes, eat fresher food, and save both time and money.

With all the different recipe and ingredient combinations that go into every box, Blue Apron needed a way to track order process to increase productivity and reduce errrors.

The Solution

SwipeTrack's industry-leading SwipeTrack Browser and SwipeTrack Mobility hardware, paired with Blue Apron's in-house "Blue Radish" system, allowed Blue Apron to quickly modernize and mobilize their fulfillment system. With all the data they needed at their fingertips, Blue Apron was able to reduce shipment errors and increase productivity across all their warehouse operations. By using food & medical grade Infinea-X devices and hot swappable batteries, Blue Apron reduced the number of devices they needed on hand for day to day operations saving them time and money.

With over 700 Infina-X devices for the Apple iPod 5th Gen currently in deployment across their three distribution centers, Blue Apron recognizes the clear competitive advantages that SwipeTrack Mobility Solutions delivers.

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