Mobility Solutions For Every Business

We build versatile mobile solutions for every industry

Custom Accessories & Mounts

Don't settle for off the shelf solutions

We understand that you put a lot of time and effort into branding and design. Don't let standard off-the-shelf accessories and mounts mess up your store's design. Let our team of experienced engineers, technicians, and craftsmen create custom solutions for your company. Unlike most hardware companies who simple push products, we manufacture the components and provide the design expertise to assemble complete mobility solutions to meet your requirements. We can recommend your best, most cost-effective options based on the products and solutions you are looking for.

We believe it's our inherent responsibility to understand our clients applications and data and how they are utilized within the scope of your business. This enables us to properly gauge our clients resource requirements for hardware and software and make intelligent recommendations. Let our sales engineers design you a custom solution for your business.

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Kitting & Assembly

Custom configuration services & solutions

Did you know it takes the average user over thirty minutes to configure a mobile device and over one hour to configure a new computer system for a business environment. Let SwipeTrack eliminate the hassle by providing imaging, configuration profile management, Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment and more.

SwipeTrack offers custom configuration services that include physical configuration and integration of hardware as well as system and application configuration. This approach allows us to not only create “systems” by integrating a solution such as scanning for instance, but also to image and/or profile the device and to apply an MDM, endpoint management, imaging or a variety of other options.

Considerable corporate focus and investment is continuously devoted toward developing cutting edge program solutions reflecting the latest proven technologies and IT business practices in order to provide unparalleled configuration services. Our solutions are designed to provide enhanced device and system functionality not only at delivery but throughout the useful life of the device.

Pulling together the programmatic requirements and developing a comprehensive strategy for delivering a complete solution against complex requirements is our specialization. Representing the “last mile” to support deployment, consolidated procurement, custom kitting, software, and system infrastructure & security are routinely delivered against exacting timelines to virtually unlimited locations.

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Installation & Launch

We can help with installation and training

Need help setting up your new location? Not sure what kind of internet to get, routers to setup, or how to setup a public wifi network? Our onsite installation teams can help with networking, wiring, implementation, and training. And our support team is available around the clock to help you with anything that pops up.

At SwipeTrack, we understand that device downtime leads to decreased productivity and profits. Don’t let hardware failures slow down your business. We can overnight swap a failed or damaged unit with one that is configured and ready to go!

Perhaps the most critical component of any SwipeTrack engagement is ongoing service and support. The imperative is that we are there when our customers need us, especially after the initial sale. Unlike other companies, we don’t just sell equipment and disappear. We are there for any issues that you may encounter.

We are committed to your success; with our round-the-clock help desk, on-site repair center, and direct link to our manufacturers, we can minimize your device downtime.

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