We help innovative Media and Entertainment companies successfully execute their business strategy

We help global media leaders and emerging media companies execute their business strategies, develop new audiences and take advantage of opportunities in the evolving digital marketplace. Our team has helped clients in the Media and Entertainment industry with some of their most successful web, social media, and mobile product development initiatives.

Our team has tremendous experience with public facing digital media initiatives that have improved customer engagement, loyalty and user experience. We also help our clients improve core business functions. We have implemented demand planning, sales force automation, financial reporting, billing and revenue management, digital asset management and analytics solutions that have helped clients improve financial performance. We provide expertise and solutions for:

  • Cable Networks
  • Filmed and Music Entertainment
  • Internet Service and Content Providers
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Motion Picture/Video Production
  • Publishing and Advertising
  • Television and Radio Broadcasting
  • Video Game Developers and Publishers


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