We provide business-focused technology services that optimize your IT investments

Nearly all front and back office functions have been transformed by technology systems that improve operational efficiency as well as convenience for customers. New opportunities abound, in mobile payment systems, social media as a customer acquisition channel, and cloud-based services.

STES provides experienced IT consultants who specialize in the implementation of business-focused technology solutions for the financial services industry. We help clients meet regulatory and risk management standards, reduce costs, streamline business processes, simplify transactions, align business and IT strategies, and build customer loyalty. We provide our services to:

  • Asset and Wealth Management Firms
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Card Issuers, Merchant Acquirers, and Payment Processors
  • Clearing & Settlement Organizations
  • Commercial, Investment and Retail Banks
  • Life & Annuity, Property & Casualty Insurers
  • Reinsurers
  • Stock and Commodities Exchanges


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